About Our Wines

Organic Wines

Simply put, Organic wines are made from organically grown grapes. But there are lots of different certifications for organic products around the world. For instance, organic wine in the United States cannot contain added sulphites, whereas it can in Europe. Most of the growers on the list might farm pretty much organically, even fully, but either aren't certified or are in conversion. The wines on the list are certified organic, or in organic conversion.

Biodynamic Wines

This method predates organic farming. Biodynamic farming was devised in the 1920s by an Austrian called Rudolf Steiner. At its heart is the biodynamic calendar, which regulates what you do, and when. Then there are the special natural composts you stick in cow horns and bury in the ground, in addition to renouncing all manufactured chemicals and fertilizers. This might sound a little unnecessary, but there's undoubtedly substance to it. A visit to a biodynamic vineyard gives you a sense that the vineyard feels in harmony with nature. In the wine world, some of the most passionate, honest winegrowers you'll ever meet farm in this method. Although they don’t shout about it, some of the world’s leading producers follow this method, including Cristal Champagne and Domaine de la Romanée-Conti.

Low Sulphur Wines, Natural Wines

People are increasingly concerned about sulphites in wines, so what are they? Sulphur is a natural product of fermentation, so there's no such thing as 'zero sulphur' wine, but you can have zero added sulphur and lower sulphur wines.

Sulphur dioxide has been added to wine as a preservative since Roman times. Does it give you a headache? Not exactly, but it does badly affect about 1% of the population. There's more added sulphur in dried fruit (about 20 times more) than wine.

However, in our experience, better wines tend to have fewer sulphites. There are fewer sins to cover up. You don't have to go to the extent of barely any added sulphur in order to make good wines, but at that end of the scale there are also some people making amazing, interesting and delicious wines.

You will find a selection of wines with significantly less added sulphur than most, or no added sulphur at all, on our list.


Ai Galera, Mistico Tejo, Portugal, 2018

Refreshing notes of stone fruits, light and fruity with a fresh acidity.
Bottle £21.00    Small £4.00    Medium £5.50    Large £7.25

Vida Organica, Torrontes, Argentina, 2018

Aromatic and floral, juicy character of citrus and lychee with spicy notes. Organic.
Bottle £26.00    Small £4.50    Medium £6.76    Large £8.90

Contreras Ruiz, Barradero Blanco, Spain, 2018

Vast aromatic range of citrus fruits, dry with fresh acidity and slightly saline finish.
Bottle £29.50    Small £5.00     Medium £6.90    Large £9.90

Guillaume Gonnet, Cotes du Rhone Blanc, France, 2018

Apricot and peach aromas. A highly and expressive nose, Dry with refreshing acidity and mineral finish.
Bottle £33.00

Pecorino, Fecerunt, Fabulas, Italy, 2018

Aromatic, juicy and citrusy with good acidity.Organic.
Bottle £40.00

Domaine Klur, Katz Riesling Sec, France, 2017

Balanced dry wine, dominated by citrus and green apple notes. Mineral finish with touch of cedar.
Bottle £47.00

Jauma, A thousand Fires, Australia, 2016

Organic and unfiltered Semillon Chenin blend wine. Sparkling with tropical fruits notes and zippy acidity.
Bottle £56.00

Jauma, Blewitt Springs Pet Nat Chenin NV, Australia, 2016

Made with the petulant natural method (oldest and most natural way of making a sparkling wine) this bubbly Chenin Blanc is bursting with stone fruit and nutty flavours.
Bottle £62.00


Bodegas Contreras Ruiz, Syrah Rosado, Spain, 2018

Vibrant red berries on the nose with hints of spice. Fruity and refreshing. Organic.
Bottle £26.00    Small £5.00    Medium £7.00    Large £9.00

Feudo Antico, Biologico Rosato, Abbruzzo, Italy, 2018

Bright pink with hints of violet. Intense and elegant scents of red fruits and flowery notes. Organic.
Bottle £41.00


Palazzo del Mare, Nero d’Avola, Italy, 2018

Light and juicy, with red and cherry fruits notes. Hints of spice and liquorice on the finish.
Bottle £21.00    Small £4.00    Medium £5.50    Large £7.25

Campo Flores Tinto, La Mancha, Spain, 2018

Medium bodied and juicy with red fruits notes such as strawberry and blackcurrant. Organic.
Bottle £23.00    Small £4.50    Medium £6.00    Large £8.00

Baglio Gibellina, Sogno del Sud, Merlot, Italy, 2018

Full bodied with dark fruit aromas. Velvety richness in the mouth, well supported by acidity and bramble fruit flavours. Organic.
Bottle £26.00    Small £5.00    Medium £7.00    Large £9.00

Domaine de la Couvette, Beaujolais, France, 2018

Light and well balanced with a large range of red fruit aromas. Organic.
Bottle £35.00

Domaine de la Roche Audran, Cote du Rhone, France, 2017

Grenache and Syrah blend. Full bodied wine, bursting with black fruits and pepper notes. Biodynamic.
Bottle £38.00

Fabulas, Montepulciano d’Abbruzzo, Italy, 2016

Dark fruits aromas and soft tannins with notes of smoke and hazelnut. Biodynamic.
Bottle £40.00

Patrick Sullivan, Bonkers, Australia, 2016

Blend of 3 vintage across 7 varieties, both red and white. This mysterious organic wine is fruity, earthy with notes of elderberries.
Bottle £55.00

Gentle Folk Scary Gully Pinot Noir, Australia, 2015

Light with a smoky, stalky and peppery nose. Long savoury cherry and violet characters. Organic.
Bottle £63.00


Finca Fabian, Spumante Brut, Spain, 2017

Delicious blend of Chardonnay and Viura. Refreshing notes of peach and tropical fruit.
Bottle £30.00    Glass £6.50

Cremant de Bourgogne, Blanc de Blancs, Domaine Henri Delagrange

Made with the same method as Champagne, from Chardonnay grapes grown in the Cote de Baune. Tropical creamy with a zesty finish. Delicious tropical, honey and apple characters.
Bottle £41.00


Celler de Capçanes, Pansal del Calas, Montsant, Spain, 2013

Dark almost black, with ripe red wine tannin structure. Plum, cassis, dark cherries aromas and roasted flavours such as coffee and mocha.
50ml £5.95

St Tamas, Mad Tokaji Late Harvest, Hungary, 2016

A racy nose to start, citrus blossom and fresh grass mix with dried fruits and honey. Simply nectar in a glass.
50ml £6.50

Equipo Navazos, Casa del Inca, Pedro Ximenez, Spain, 2015

Intense nose, very sweet with notes of dried fruits such as dates, burnt sugar and exotic spice. Good acidity that does not over power the sweetness.
50ml £7.50


His Eminences Choice, DeLa Force LBV, Portugal, 2012

A deep red colour, ripe jammy plum and berry fruit aromas with the rich mellow flavours of wood ageing. Rich and round on the palate.
50ml £5.95

His Eminences Choice, De La Force 10years Old Tawny Port, Portugal

This sumptuous and richly flavoured tawny port is matured for 10years in seasoned oak casks. It combines ripe jammy fruit aromas with the rich mellow flavours of wood ageing.
50ml £7.95